Welcome to H2O Divers Dahab – The World Record Dive Centre! Whether you are new to Scuba diving or an experienced veteran, we’re the dive centre for you.

We are an all-in-one Recreational, Technical and Freediving centre giving you the best of the underwater world from all disciplines.

We offer:

*PADI courses from Bubblemaker to Assistant Instructor.

*TDI courses from Intro to Tech to Advanced Trimix.

*AIDA Freediving from 1* to Instructor.

Want to know more about who you're diving with here at H2O Divers? Check out our staff page. As well as being experienced recreational instructors, most of us are technical divers and freedivers too. As long as it's underwater - we're in!

Do you want “peace and tranquility”, or “thrill and adventure”? Either way you can “Relax and enjoy” when you are diving with H2O Divers Dahab



Here at H2O Divers we offer a range of courses and guided dives, from the surface to 332.35m! Most of our instructors have decades of experience, we were passionate divers before we became professionals. You're in safe hands with us - we know what you want from your diving holiday and we'll bend over backwards to provide it.


A lot of dive centres talk about being safe, but we really are. We know the local and dive agency standards inside & out so we can custom-fit your diving holiday and stay in the rules; but yet, give you a whale of a time! We have a high percentage of returning customers after opening our doors in 2011. So come and dive with us to see what all the H2O Divers fuss is about. We're very much fun out of the water too.


OK so we're not the cheapest in town however that's really not a bad thing. Would you want to jump out of an airplane with the cheapest parachute on the market? Doubtful. You need quality dive gear to keep you safe, just like you need quality gas coming from regularly serviced compressors to keep you alive. Our prices are fantastic based on the quality, value and the service you receive - you will not be disappointed. We'll assist you with anything from flight recommendations, airport transfers & booking accommodation.


We have a range of languages spoken here at H2O Divers: Dutch, German, English and Arabic. French, Russian, Italian, Spanish available on request and I'm sure we can find instructors if necessary in any other language you require. Just contact us for requests.


On the 18th September 2014, Ahmed Gabr broke the Guinness World Record for the deepest open-circuit scuba dive with a depth of 332.35m. H2O Divers Dahab with H2O Technical were proud to be sponsors, planners, gas blenders and support divers of this historical achievement. Take a peak at our WORLD RECORD PAGE for our insights and pictures of the build-up dives and the big day itself.

Any questions about Dahab, diving or accommodation?