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"The H2O Divers Dahab team are the best people in town"

-Ahmed Gabr, Guinness World Record Holder: The Deepest SCUBA Diver (male)

H2O Divers Dahab – The World Record Dive Centre! Whether you are new to SCUBA diving or an experienced veteran, we’re the dive centre in Dahab for you.

We are a Recreational, Technical and Freediving centre giving you the best of the underwater world from all disciplines.

We'll help you challenge yourself so you reach your full potential in diving through the highest standards.


New to diving, need a PADI Open Water course? Want to join our guided dives? Technical diving to 40m and below? We'll respond to your enquiry shortly

You can learn to dive with the PADI Open Water course & continue your scuba diving adventure with PADI Advanced course and PADI Specialties. You can start your professional career with us on your Divemaster course and Instructor Development Courses (IDC's) here at H2O Dahab.

Our expert tech diving team were behind the '14 Guinness World Record Deepest dive. We blended the gases for all the dives as well as supported & planned the training dives, and of course for the astounding 332.35m dive itself. From TDI Intro to Tech to Advanced Trimix & guided tech dives & we're CCR friendly.

Our Freediving Instructor Trainer has years of experience instructing and coaching with some of the world's national champions and record holders. Ask H2O Apnea about our bespoke Freediving DPV and Freediving Photography courses.

These courses offer you the opportunity to learn more about the endangered coral reefs Using the globally standardized scientific protocol, the Reef Check EcoDiver program collects valuable data to establish the status of coral reefs world wide.



Here at H2O Divers we offer a range of courses and guided dives, from the surface to 332.35m! Most of our instructors have decades of experience, we were (and still are!) passionate divers before we became professionals. You're in safe hands with us - we know what you want from your diving holiday and we'll bend over backwards to provide it. We have a range of languages spoken here at H2O Divers Dahab: Dutch, German, English and Arabic. Other languages such as French, Spanish, Italian and Russian we will endeavour to provide you if required. We only use trusted freelance instructors and guides so please email us for requests.


A lot of dive centres talk about being safe, but we really are. We know the local and dive agency standards inside & out so we can custom-fit your diving holiday and stay within the rules; but yet, give you a whale of a time! We do not compromise on safety for any reason & H2O Divers always maintains it's high standards throughout. We have a high percentage of returning divers after opening our doors in 2011. So come and dive with us to see what all the H2O Divers Dahab fuss is about. We're a fun bunch out of the water too.


OK so we're not the cheapest in town but is that really a bad thing? Would you want to jump out of an airplane with the cheapest parachute on the market? Doubtful. You need quality dive gear to keep you safe, just like you need quality gas coming from regularly serviced compressors to keep you alive. Our prices are unbeatable based on the quality, value and the service you receive - you will not be disappointed. You get value for money at H2O Dahab. We'll assist you with anything from flight recommendations, airport transfers & booking accommodation.


H2O Divers Dahab is not about lining the owners' pockets; we are constantly reinvesting in our dive centre, equipment, tanks and services to the highest standards for you - our divers. We want you to have the best service possible, we listen to you, we understand that everyone can improve and this is our mission: to be the best that we can be. A big mistake that any diver can make is to think they can stop learning, no matter how experienced. At H2O Divers Dahab, we have the philosophy that no matter you level, there's always room for continuing education and learning. We provide not just a diving course, not just a guided dive - but a diving adventure. Due to the team's high level of certification and experience, both in diving and in life we can do this better than most diving centres around.

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